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Xmas Orders

Ensure you get your orders in before the 18th December from Jade Rope UK to receive by Xmas.

Any orders received outside this time may not get to you before Xmas.

So don't delay!  

Signature Hojojutsu Kit

Signature Hojojutsu Kit

Braided Black Polyester
2 x 5mm, 3.5m (11.5ft)
1 x 5mm, 10.5m (34.5ft)
2 x 6mm, 7m (23ft)
A flexable polyester rope set.

Regular Price: £36.20

Special Price: £30.77

The Ideal Rope Bundle

The Ideal Rope Bundle

Braided Conditioned Hemp
3 x 6mm, 8m (26ft)
2 x 6mm, 9m (29.5ft)
A conditioned hemp rope set.


White Polypropylene Rope 6mm | Twisted

White Polypropylene Rope 6mm | Twisted

Polypropylene MFP Rope

  • 3 Strand Twist
  • 590kg breaking strength
  • Medium (>15%) stretch
  • Non-absorbent
  • Soft & Flexible

Starting at: £0.50

Blue Polyester Rope 6mm | Braided

Blue Polyester Rope 6mm | Braided

Polyester Rope

  • 8 Plait Braid
  • 640kg breaking strength
  • Low (<10%) stretch
  • Retains Flexibility

Starting at: £0.64

2016 Shibari & Kinbaku Photo Contest

2015 Shibari & Kinbaku Photo Contest

Our annual profile photo competition has commenced again. This year there are six prizes to be won!

Details on how to enter can be found on our Fetlife profile

Our Key Rope Lines

Below is a selection of our premium ropes currently for sale via our United Kingdom store:

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