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Natural Cotton Rope 6mm | Braided

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Product Name Price
Sample Length | 1m (3.5ft) | Max Qty 1
Natural Cotton Rope 6mm | Braided | 3.5m (11.5ft)
Natural Cotton Rope 6mm | Braided | 7m (23ft)
Natural Cotton Rope 6mm | Braided | 8m (26ft)
Natural Cotton Rope 6mm | Braided | 9m (29.5ft)
Natural Cotton Rope 6mm | Braided | 10.5m (34.5ft)
Natural Cotton Rope 6mm | Braided | 14m (46ft)
Natural Cotton Rope 6mm | Braided | 21m (69ft)

Quick Overview

Braided Cotton Rope
  • 8 Plait Braid
  • Medium breaking strength
  • Medium stretch
  • Soft 100% Cotton
  • Good Friction Tolerance
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Cotton rope has been part of the west’s fascination with rope bondage since the beginning.  Cotton was the only easily available natural fibre to replicate asa-nawa (jute rope) when Kinbaku-bi images came out of Japan early in the last century, and for this reason it is ingrained in the psyche of many rope enthusiasts.

This 100% pure cotton rope has been left un-coloured especially for those riggers who wish to custom dye their rope.  There is no extra finishing required, this rope is ready to use and is naturally the softest of the natural fibre ropes we sell.

Whilst there are very cheap options for cotton rope on the market, we’ve selected this manufacturer because we want you to feel confident when approaching suspension ties.  Offering an extremely high fibre count, the 8 plait double braid construction is more flexibility than the solid braid alternative and still holds a nice round shape for optimum knotting.

Cotton is not the strongest of the natural fibre ropes, so not the best choice if you are wishing to suspend larger/heavier models, but this rope does provide better strength than all the other cotton ropes we investigated.

Customer Reviews

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5 Stars Review by UndergroundX
This would have to be the strongest cotton rope I've ever encountered. It is very tightly braided, but still retains good flexability, and it manages somehow to still be soft. The best thing - which I never expected - is the fact that the knots don't tend to jam like all of the other cotton ropes I've owned. Even after some decent loading. Highly Recommended! (Posted on 09/10/2011)
This info is great man Review by Kairi
I don't know who wrote this but you certainly hepeld me out. Totally recommended reading. I'd heard so man dodgy things about cotton rope, it is great to find a fresh perspective and even better to end up with some awesome rope. (Posted on 17/09/2011)

2 Item(s)

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Additional Information

Fibre Cotton
Construction 8 Plait Braid
Diameter 6mm (1/4")
Breaking Strength Medium
Stretch Under Load Medium

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