Suspended Green RingA Suspension Ring That Gives You Peace of Mind

Incredibly strong, and extremely light weight, we fell in love with this suspension ring the moment we first touched the ring's shinny smooth surface. It is a great feeling to know that others are now discovering the joy of this great little gem.

Our suspension ring is the only Certified Mobile Anchor Point (EN795(b) standard) that we've seen for sale in the bondage market, and knowing that it is rated to 30kN (3,000kg/6,750lb) is an assurance we believe other people are finding very valuable as well.

It is a delight that our suspension ring is now a best seller. For a few months now this ring has been the best selling item offered in our rigging equipment category and this November our mini suspension ring became the 6th best seller on our website.

Surely you need a bigger ring

There is definately a "My ring is bigger than your ring" complex out there... but our mini suspension ring allows anyone to rig right next to the largest ring in the room and be confident that anything thrown at it can be handled superbly by this more compact and most likely 'significantly lighter' choice in rigging equipment.

Carabinas connected to suspension ringThe only downside is the number of times you can run through the ring before rope lines start to fall ontop of one another. Many riggers do prefer to have a suspension ring that can handle five to six rope lengths that have been doubled back upon themselves, giving a total of 10-12 lines.

Whilst this amount of rope is not typically needed for most suspensions if you wish to rig in this manner our mini suspension ring may not be ideal for you. But... if you pay attention to a lot of performance rigging, you'll notice that carabinas are being used more and more as they are a great way to safely control and  seperate out the ropes. We really like this approach, and we easily fit six of our super light wiregate carabinas onto our mini suspension ring without any difficulty.

The right size for a suspension ring

One of the most beautiful aspects of shibari and kinbaku in present times is that people are starting to understand that there is no 'one way', no absolute right. Whilst there definately are wrong ways, and unsafe approaches, as long as your not putting someone at risk the true 'best way' in rigging is what works best for you and your bunny at that time.

dimensions of suspension ringOur mini suspension ring has an overall 12mm (1/2") diameter - which ,coincidently, is double the thickness of a 6mm (1/4") rope - allowing for an ideal amount of support for the section of rope undergoing a U turn under load.

Should you be crunching the sums, you'll notice that the centre is 26mm which comfortably allows two knotted rope ends to pass through, even when there is already four ropes in place.

Make no mistake... our Mini Suspension ring is one of the newer innovations in rigging that challanges the common thought. Bigger, is definitly not always better.