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Red Nylon Rope 6mm | Braided

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Product Name Price
Sample Length | 1m (3.5ft) | Max Qty 1
Red Nylon Rope 6mm | Braided | 3.5m (11.5ft)
Red Nylon Rope 6mm | Braided | 7m (23ft)
Red Nylon Rope 6mm | Braided | 8m (26ft)
Red Nylon Rope 6mm | Braided | 9m (29.5ft)
Red Nylon Rope 6mm | Braided | 10.5m (34.5ft)
Red Nylon Rope 6mm | Braided | 14m (46ft)
Red Nylon Rope 6mm | Braided | 21m (69ft)

Quick Overview

Nylon Rope
  • 8 Braid Plait
  • 850kg breaking strength
  • Medium (<15%) stretch
  • Silken soft
  • Abrasion Resistant
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Constructed with a solid 8 braid plait this rope is more stable than traditional laid 3 strand twist.  Whilst nylon rope offers a soft feel that can promote increased sensuality, the inherent durability of braided nylon rope has made this rope one of the favourite choices in fusion bondage.

100% nylon means that it typically safer to use on bottoms who possess a sensitive allergic nature and braided nylon rope can easily be machine washed.

Easy to handle and tie, Nylon rope also holds knots well.  It’s main vice is the low heating point, where even a small amount of friction can cause rope burn.  Nylon is extremely strong with a high breaking point, and the braided construction reduces the stretch characteristic to less than 15%, which almost mimics rope made from natural hemp.

Long lasting, with a fantastic feel against the skin, this is a great rope for beginners and any experts alike.

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Additional Information

Fibre Nylon
Construction 8 Plait Braid
Diameter 6mm (1/4")
Breaking Strength No
Stretch Under Load Medium (10-15%)

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